The teaching staff in Nouveau Colombier is composed mainly of direct disciples of Marcel Marceau´s who were personally taught by this master of mime at the International School of Mimodrame in Paris. They have been trained for years in the discipline of dramatic corporeal mime of Etiénne Decroux – the father of modern mime-, and are researchers of the maskwork and the theatre of gesture, both of them based on the work of the master teacher Jacques Lecoq or Suzuki Method developed by the master and director Tadashi Suzuki, pedagogies they teach alongside the professional experience they acquired throughout their career.


Nouveau Colombier provides academic training not only on mime and theatre of gesture but also on other disciplines such as: pre-expressive training techniques, Suzuki and Viewpoints techniques, multiple variants of dance and a structured methodology, based on different theatrical philosophies of creation and staging.


It is the aim of the school to train an actor-creator, a performer able to expressively work with his body, dominating its plasticity and movement, capable of creating his own performances. The pedagogy of the school is aimed at professionals who want to broaden their corporal and expressive techniques, strengthen their theatrical language, and to acquire a body discipline in order to address the various theatrical styles and codes. The academic work is focused on the training of an actor able to work with his imagination, with the magical lyricism of movement, able to use his whole body as an expressive instrument in a global performing; a performer that recognizes the principles of metamorphosis and of the poetic attribute in images and the beauty of metaphor.


In order to achieve this goal, the training at Nouveau Colombier lasts two academic years:


A twenty-first century way of teaching, with a personalized follow-up of each student, with continuous assessment and regular tutorials, giving the students the chance to approach professional environments and to take part in exhibitions, festivals and theatre performances.


Nouveau Colombier is a school that promotes a creative atmosphere, passion and respect for the theatre and its metaphorical universe being the only European school that inherits Marcel Marceau´s art of mimodrame. For those practitioners who want to be an actor with the body of an athlete and the heart of a poet, able to inhabit their artistic body and soul.

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