Claudia de Siato


claudia de siato

She trained at L’Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris between 1994 and 1999, becoming one of Marcel Marceau´s direct disciples. Today is one of the Spanish foremost experts in the theatre of gesture and in particular in style mime.


Her master, Marcel Marceau, wrote about her: My dear disciple, Claudia De Siato, is a performer particularly gifted in art and especially in mimodrame art. She has an extraordinary gift for the art of lyrical mime and similarly for the comedy. Nature has endowed her with an excellent physical condition, which she trains with a strong poetic instinct. Disciplined and deep, Claudia De Siato has before her a dramaturgy to be faced with great energy and talent. “


She completed her training in theatre with John Strasberg, Antonio Fava, Eric De Bont, Emmanuel Vacca, Corinne Soum, Steven Wasson, Aurora Boch, Yves Casati, Wendell Wells, Annet Plotinus Mattox, Lindsay Kemp, Frances Bravo, Manolo Russo, Robert Chantall, among others.


As a performer, she has worked with multiple theatrical codes and styles. The world of singing is a universe that she has explored since 1989, with a wide French, Italian and Spanish repertoire. She also studied lyric singing, attracted by the artistic figure of Maria Callas, her inspiring muse and leitmotif of her project Il Canto di Maria “, which unites mime and singing.


Apart from mime, acting and singing, she has a remarkable career in different styles of dance. She obtained her degree in Fine Arts at the Accademia de Lecce (Italy), specializing in Sculpture and Drawing (and wrote her thesis about mime in 1995). Her early practice of the fine arts have a significant bearing on her view of the theatre, reinforcing her idea of complementarity and enrichment between these arts and the performing ones.


She has worked with Lindsay Kemp, Marcel Marceau, Nino Manfredi, Dario Fo, Pier F. Maestrini, Victoria Abril, José Luis Gómez, Alfredo Landa, Kiti Mánver, Carlos Hipólito, Teresa Nieto, Carlos Álvarez, Miguel Hermoso, José Nieto, José Piris, Román Calleja, Salvador Collado, among others.


Some of her theatrical, tv and cinematographic most renowned works are: “La Herencia”, “Escuela de Seducción”, “La Luz Prodigiosa”, “Historia de un Caballo”, “El Sueño de una Noche de Verano”, “Hänsel y Gretel”, “Marianela”, “Muere Julio César”, “Memorias de una Orquesta”, “Perdida en los Apalaches”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “The Fary Queen”, “Rigoletto”, “Invokeision Cirkus”, “El Lío de Fellini”, “Vuelo de Águilas”, “Eres Agua eres Mar”, “La Mandrágora”, “Oficios de la Cultura”.


José Piris has been her professional partner since 1994, when they met in the theatre school in Paris. She became part of the theatre company Mimox Teatro in 1996 carrying out in different European countries multiple productions such as: “Cristóbal Colón”, “Toro Torero y Muerte”, “El Relojero”, “Scarabimbomban”, “El Banquete”, “La Cantante de Ópera”, “El Príncipe Feliz”, “la Muñeca y el Soldado o María de Buenos Aires”, “El Laberientu”, “Strabagarte”, “Al Abordaje”, “Sintra Iniciática”, “El Grito de Piedra”, “Spectros”, “Los Siete Pecados Capitales” among the most important.


In Italy, France and Spain she develops her most significant professional work as an actress in various artistic environments such as the opera, cinema, dance, circus, tv, fashion, musical, performance, theatre and theatre of gesture.
She has also worked as gestural adviser in movies such as: “La Luz Prodigiosa” with Nino Manfredi, José Luís Gómez, Alfredo Landa and Kiti Mánver or “Escuela de Seducción” with Victoria Abril.


She worked with both naturalistic and realistic drama with John Strasberg, from the Actor’s Studio, in A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, playing the role of Blanche Du Bois, Madrid 2006. She has been part of various humanitarian trips to Africa and Asia as an actress, clown and mime, participating in projects such as “The Caravan of Laughter” with the NGO Payasos sin Fronteras and “A Mime in Amman” with the Embassy of Spain in Jordan. She worked as assistant in gestural interpretation in “La Creación del Mundo” by José Piris. This work received several awards at the Festival de Teatro Réplica, Madrid 2011-12. With her teammate Diana Bernedo, she also directed a mimodrame based on The Odyssey”, Nouveau Colombier 2011-12.
Currently she is working on the creation of a project entitled Terre del Sole”, a bridge between Mediterranean cultures and artists and she is preparing her new stage work: “Volar”, a music show that combines theatre and singing in a significant historical fiction where the leading figures from the Paris of 1900 emerge. She teaches at Nouveau Colombier the following subjects: Corporeal Mime Grammar, Creation and Scenic Mime.